Setting Rates

Scripted allows Writers to set their own rates for different job formats.

How do I adjust my rates?

To adjust your rates for job requests, click on the Set a Rate tab in your profile. From there, a page will appear listing all of the standard formats on Scripted.

Each format will have a minimum price listed directly above the format name. It is not possible to lower your custom rate below this price.

The Buyer Total is the rate that will be visible to Scripted customers. This includes your custom rate, our set Editor Cost, and a Processing Fee.

When you've adjusted your rate for each format, click the Save button at the bottom of the screen to confirm your changes. To ensure these prices updated properly, try refreshing your browser once before leaving the page.

Once updated, these prices will be visible to all customers that view your profile.

Best practices for setting your rates

We've found that writers who have completed more jobs can command a higher rate. It's probably best to leave the rates as is at first and increase them as you've created more recurring relationships with customers on the platform. 

If you set your rates too high, you may notice a decline in requested work. So please use caution!

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