2017 Writer 1099 Tax Forms

It's that season again!

Your 2017 1099 form will arrive via email from Payable, so be sure to check your spam filters if you don't see an email by the end of this week.  

Also, please bear in mind that if you earned less than $600.00 from Scripted within the year, you will not receive a 1099

If you've received two emails regarding your 1099 form, this means that your 1099 was part of a batch that needed to be corrected by Payable. The most recent one is the corrected form. We've ensured these now match the net balance you've received from Stripe, so rest assured they're good to go!

And finally, make sure to double check that the amount is correct!

If you have any questions pertaining to your 1099, don't hesitate to contact us at support@scripted.com

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