I’ve been recommended. Now what?

What are recommendations?

Scripted recommend writers for new customers based on their industry and your experience. If you are recommended for a new customer, you’ll receive an email and a message in your inbox inviting you to contact them. Note that you can only send one message to get started and the customer must respond for the conversation to continue.

What should I include in my first message?

Because you can only send one message before the customer responds, try to provide as much info as possible. It may be helpful to visit the customer’s website so that you can speak to your expertise or any ideas that you have.

Here are some sample first messages:

  • “Hi there! I’m Tori and I have tons of experience writing on healthcare topics. I’ve worked with companies like, WebMD and DoctorsRule.com, and would love to learn more about your content needs. I have a couple healthcare samples on my profile for you to check out. Looking forward to working together!”
  • “Hello! I love your blog, and I noticed that you write about a variety of personal finance topics. I’ve worked in finance for 15 years and think we could be a great fit. Check out my profile to learn a bit more about my experience. Talk soon!”
  • “Hey! It looks like you’ve been writing a lot of travel content. Have you ever thought about writing about the ‘Top 10 travel destinations for 2017’? You can view my profile to see some of my writing samples and learn more about me.”

What if the customer doesn’t respond?

If a customer doesn’t respond, don’t sweat it! Sometimes customers come to Scripted for super specific needs and may not choose to engage with a recommended writer. Keep sending those first messages, though! It could lead to a great partnership.

How do I get recommended?

Scripted recommends you to customers by matching your profile and expertise with their industry and needs. Haven’t been recommended? Start by building out your writer profile. Add tags, samples, a bio - all these components help your ranking in the marketplace. To learn more about adding samples and tags, click here.

Questions or concerns? Reach out to support@scripted.com and we’ll be happy to help.

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