Update for Writers on Customer Membership Changes (November 2016)

Starting November 1, we've made a few changes to the review periods and revisions process for customers on our different membership tiers. Please keep these review periods in mind when accepting jobs!

  • Dickinson members will still have a 3-business day review period for all drafts and have one round of revisions for each order if necessary.
  • Hemingway members will have a 5-business day review period for all drafts and have two rounds of revisions for each order if necessary.
  • Austen members will have a 7-day business day review period for all drafts and have two round rounds of revisions for each order if necessary.

Please note that a client's review begins 2-business days AFTER you submit a job. This 2-day window is when your piece goes through our plagiarism check and editing phase. 

For example, if your job has a Monday deadline, the "Client Review" period will not begin until Wednesday.

Where can I see the customer review period and rounds of revisions for a particular job?

When accepting a job, there is a "Job Timeline" section that displays the timeline for each available job. This timeline shows the shortest amount of time a job may take (if the customer accepts the job immediately) to the longest (if a customer uses all of their review time and revision rounds). Please keep these timelines in mind when accepting work to ensure you'll be available for all potential revisions.

If the customer has two rounds of revisions, you will see the "Second Revision" icon listed. 

You will also be able to see the review period and rounds of revisions listed under the job title on the job details page.

Why did we do this?

Over the years, we've found that many Scripted customers struggle to request revisions within their 3-business day review period - especially if multiple people need to take a look. We've also heard from both writers and customers that having another opportunity to collaborate on a second round of revisions would be welcomed by both parties. By extending these deadlines and adding the second round of revisions for Hemingway and Austen members, we hope customers will have more time to work with you to create great content.

Questions or concerns?

Please reach out to support@scripted.com and we'll be happy to help!

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    Lori Baker

    My question is: Will the review time start upon submission of the job or does the countdown not start until the actual due date of the article? For instance, if I submit an article 3 days early, does that mean I will get paid earlier? Thanks for your time!

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