No Jobs Available


Why are no jobs available?

You may be receiving this message for a number of reasons.

  • Total system volume: The volume of job requests ebbs and flows over time due to things like seasonality (blogs fade in the summer), larger projects, and customer activity. If you’re seeing this message, there may just not be a ton of work in our system at the moment.
  • Writer score: Your writer score is calculated by things like your application, volume of work completed, and customer and editor feedback. The higher your score, the more work is available to you.
  • Job types: Certain types of jobs are available to different writers at different times. For example, a Marketing Specialty job would only be available to our marketing specialists. The more specialties, tags, and badges you rack up - the more work is available to you. You can learn more about specialties here. 

How can I impact my job availability?

Build out your writer profile

Customers often directly assign work to writers based on writer profiles & expertise. When a customer enters Scripted, they can search writer profiles by tags and keywords.

The best way to get seen by customers is to build out your writer profile and add tags. The more samples, tags, bio info, etc. - the higher you’ll rank in search results and the more likely you are to get noticed!

To learn more about adding samples and tags, click here.

Blog Ideas

Another great option is to submit Blog Ideas directly to customers and to the Blog Idea Board. If a customer accepts your idea, it will become an active job and increase your total job count! To learn more about blog ideas, click here.  


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