Common Questions from Customers

When you’re speaking with customers via messaging or over the phone, they may ask you about Scripted processes. We want to make sure you have all the info you need to help them out!

For starters, you should bookmark Scripted’s Customer Help Center. Below, we’ve provided the most common questions that have come through our messaging system.

How much does Scripted cost?

Of note, the price for each format will appear a bit higher for customers than for writers. For example, when setting a custom rate in your profile, you'll see that the customer price is a little higher than your own payment. 

This is because processing fees and editor costs for each order are included in customer prices.

With that in mind, if a customer asks you how much a piece will cost in a direct message, it's always a good idea to let them know it may be a few dollars more due to Scripted's processing fees.

Your customer can find more info about pricing here:

How can I order a job directly from you?

To order a job directly from you, they can choose you directly in the content order form. Or, to send the order a bit faster, they can click the Schedule button in the direct message.

From there, they'll be taken to your profile. Then, they'll just need to click Request Writer in the top-right corner of their screen and complete their order. 

Can you complete a custom project?

If your customer is looking for a custom format, like a 1500-word white paper or a 50-word email, never fear! We can still help them out. This customer will need to create a “custom template” in their dashboard.

They can send this format directly to you for you to submit your rate. Remember that the rate you submit and the rate the customer sees will be a bit different because their price will include transaction and editor fees.

Please send them a link to this guide which will walk them through how to create their custom template:

When will I receive my first draft?

The customer’s deadline is not the same as your deadline. Once you submit your draft, your piece will go through plagiarism detection, editing, potentially back to you for revisions and then to the customer. You can let your customer know when you’ll submit your work to the editing layer, but please do not guarantee a delivery. The customer’s standard timeline can be found here:

Can I receive my draft faster?

In some instances, a customer may ask you to deliver an assignment before its listed deadline. If you're willing to meet this advanced deadline, feel free to submit the job early!

However, keep in mind that your customer may receive their assignment roughly one business day after you submit the topic. This is because each order must go through a few automated reviews, such as a plagiarism check, and pass through our editor review layer before it can be reviewed by the customer. 

Note: You will never be penalized in Scripted for failing to meet a deadline requested via messages. If you're unable to complete an assignment in a situation like this, feel free to release the job from your queue at any time. 

Can I edit the title of a job?

The title of the job cannot be adjusted after the order is placed. If your customer needs to change the title, they should reach out to directly.

Can I change the length of this order?

Once an order has been placed, the length cannot be adjusted. If you and your customer decide that the length needs to be changed, your customer must reach out to with your agreed-upon new length and rate.

Can we make this a multiple-post piece?

If your customer would like to turn a single post into a multi-part series, they can order additional blog posts and assign them directly to you. They can do this directly from your profile or by starting a new order and assigning the new job to you. This guide will walk them through how to start a new order:

Can we hop on a phone call?

Of course! Your customer can schedule a phone call with you directly from your profile. This guide will walk them through how to do that:

They’ll be required to suggest 3 call times and you’ll be notified via email with a phone call requestYou can accept a time that works for you or request more times.

We ask that you stick to communicating within the platform. This way, we can refer to your messages and phone calls when reviewing work your work. 

Can I send you a file/attachment directly?

At this time, we don’t support sending files directly through our messaging system. We recommend that your customer pastes their file into a Google doc and sends you the link! If they don’t have access to Google docs, they can send their attachment directly to and a Scripted team member will deliver the file to you.

Can you send me writing samples?

At this time, we don’t support sending files directly through our messaging system. We recommend that you paste your samples in a Google doc and send your customer the link! If you don’t have access to Google docs, please send your sample(s) directly to and a Scripted team member will deliver the file to your customer - just be sure to include your customer’s name.  

Can you include original images or screenshots?

We do not support original images or screenshots in the dashboard which means you are not required to provide your customer with images outside of the image tool. You should, however, use the image tool in your document to select a Creative Commons image for your customer if they request an image.

Still have questions?

Please email us at with any questions that may be missing from this list!


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