Writing Samples, Tags, and Customer Reviews

What are tags?

Scripted has 200+ tags ranging from Molecular Diagnostics to Beer to Entrepreneurship. Tags allow you to highlight your areas of expertise and they allow customers to narrow their search results when browsing writer profiles. 

You can add tags to your profile by adding new writing samples or when submitting finished jobs. 

How can I add writing samples?

First, head to your Profile menu, open your Writing Samples tab and click Add Writing Sample

You'll first be asked to select your general industry, like Business or Lifestyle & Travel. You can then add up to relevant 3 tags, some of which are specialty tags

Once you've selected your tags, we'll ask that you submit a brief bio describing your experience in the subject area in addition to an original writing sample. If your sample is approved, your bio, sample, and selected tag(s) will appear on your public profile. 

What are customer endorsements?

When you submit a finished job, you'll be asked to add relevant tags to that job. When a customer reviews your work, they will have the option to endorse you for those tags. if you're endorsed for a tag, that tag will be added to your writer profile. 

How are search results sorted for customers in the writer marketplace?

When a customer is browsing writer profiles, they'll be able to sort by different tags. The number of samples, the number of jobs completed, writer scores, and activity all impact where you appear in customer’s search results. The easiest way to rank higher is to add more samples!

Still have questions? Contact support@scripted.com 

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