Billing history, invoices, and monthly statements

Where can I find my billing history?

To view your billing history and create monthly statements, head to your billing history menu in the top right corner of your Scripted dashboard.

From this menu, you’ll be able to view each individual credit card charge, whether it’s for a monthly membership fee or an accepted piece of content. 


  • Date: The date of your charge
  • Total: The total amount of your charge
  • Description: This section will outline what the charge is for. You’ll see the title of your order or your membership fee.
  • Status: The state of your charge.
      • Succeeded: This means that your card was successfully charged
      • Failed: This means your charge failed. This sometimes happens when a card’s expiration date is in the past; you can update your payment info here. 
  • Charge id: Each individual charge has its own id. This helps us to locate charges for troubleshooting and tracking.

How can I create a monthly statement?

We’ve made it easy to create customized monthly statements so that you and your team can view all monthly charges in one place. To start, click “View Monthly Statements.”

You’ll be taken to a menu where you can create your monthly statement. Select the month and year you’re looking for and click submit.


Here you can customize your invoice and enter recipients. All fields are optional. Once your information has been finalized, click send email and your invoice will be sent to all of the listed emails.

Within a few minutes, any email addresses entered will receive an email from with the customized invoice attached. If you don’t receive your invoice within 5 minutes and you cannot locate it in your spam folder, please contact

How do I access invoices created before April 2016?

Scripted transitioned to a new billing system in April 2016. To access old invoices, look for the “click here” link next to “Looking for older charges?”

You’ll be taken to an invoices menu, where you’ll be able to see an overview of all older invoices, including invoice number, date, total, number of jobs, and status.  

Click Details to see all relevant charges and download your invoice as a PDF.


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