How can I estimate my monthly pricing?

Scripted's content budget tool allows you to estimate your monthly content costs based on your selected writers, formats, volume, and membership. 

You'll then be prompted to fill out the following fields:

Input your monthly content needs

This section is the most important in helping us estimate your monthly budget. How many pieces of content do you anticipate needing on a monthly basis? The cost of each format varies, so be sure to be as accurate as possible. 

Which writer pool would you like to use? 

Scripted writers have all been qualified and vetted into different writer pools. Here, you'll be asked to narrow down your writer requirements, which will help us match you with the best writer for your project.  

Each selection narrows the writer pool and in turn adjusts the writer rates.  

Select a membership 

A membership is required to access the Scripted platform. Select the membership tier you anticipate needing, or toggle between tiers to estimate cost differences. Keep in mind that the Dickinson membership has a 25% transaction fee on every order. 

You can learn more about Scripted memberships here

Monthly estimate 

You'll be able to see your finalized monthly estimate once you've entered all of the required information. Remember that this is just an estimate, and your content costs will vary based on your actual orders throughout a given month. 

Still have questions on pricing? Please contact

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