How to order custom content

Do you have a content need that is not met by one of our standard formats? This guide will walk you through how to create a custom project where you can outline your needs, have writers set their rates, and choose the writer that’s right for you!

Some popular custom projects include white papers, ebooks, and email campaigns.

How do I create a custom project?

To create a custom project, click the ORDER CONTENT button in the top left corner of your Scripted dashboard. Scroll down to the Start a Custom Project section and click START to begin a new project.

You’ll now find yourself in your creative brief, which is where you can outline your custom project. Think of this creative brief as a roadmap for your writer to follow.  

We’ll ask you questions about word count, key points to be addressed, sources, etc. You can even upload an attachment, like a style guide or project outline.

Once you’ve completed your creative brief, review the details and click NEXT.

You can now select your desired delivery date. You can learn more about project timelines here.

Now that your project has been outlined and your deadline has been set, click REQUEST PROPOSALS to send your request to Scripted writers.

Over the next ~24 hours, writers will review your request and send you a proposal if they’d like to work on your project.  You’ll be emailed as soon as you have a proposal and you can head to your CUSTOM PROJECTS tab to view any pending requests.

What will be included in my proposal?

A writer’s proposal will include the following information:


  • Suggested title: writer will suggest a title for your project, this can be changed later.


    • Bio: writer will provide 2-3 sentences about why they’re a good fit for this project


  • Outline of their idea: writer will writer 2-3 sentences outlining how they’ll approach your project and the direction they plan to take.
  • Rate: writer will set their rate for this project.
  • Writer Profile: Click on a writer’s name to view their full profile. A writer’s profile includes more information about their experience, writing samples, and industry expertise.

This proposal looks great! Now what?

See a writer and a rate that looks like a good fit? Click the green thumbs up icon. You’ll be able to review their proposal once more and provide any additional feedback before they get started.

Once you click START, your writer will get started right away. You can head to your IN PROGRESS tab to track your order or message your writer.


Still have questions? Please reach out to We’re happy to help!

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