What is a profile?

Your profile is the first thing visible to customers when they browse writers on Scripted.

In your profile, you can create a short bio, upload samples of your work, and provide customers with links to your personal blog or LinkedIn account. In addition, you can update your payment information and set custom rates for jobs.

By updating your profile, you can attract more work and encourage customers to connect with you directly for upcoming projects.

What is visible in my profile?

Once updated, your profile is a one-stop shop for customers to view your experience in and outside of Scripted.

When they view your public profile, customers will see:

  • When you last logged into Scripted
  • Your current rate for a Standard Blog Post
  • The number of assignments you’ve completed on Scripted
  • Your customer star rating
  • Any badges you have been awarded
  • The city you live in
  • Your availability
  • Your social media accounts (i.e., your personal website, LinkedIn, and Twitter)
  • Any tags you are approved in
  • A short bio
  • Your price chart (see: Setting Rates)
  • Any writing samples that you’ve uploaded to Scripted

Customers will never be able to see any of your personal information. To be clear, that includes all of the following:

  • Your address
  • Your last name
  • Your phone number
  • Payment information

How do I update my profile?

To update your profile, click on the Profile tab at the top of your account.

In the screen that appears, you’ll see a box with some information that will be available to customers, such as your name, prices, and bio.

To edit any of this information, click the pencil icon to the right of the area you would like to edit.

Below this, you’ll be able to edit information in the following tabs:

Public Profile Info: Use this tab to create a short bio for customers and update your social media links (i.e., your personal blog, Twitter, or LinkedIn). If you’d prefer not to be visible to customers in the marketplace, you can adjust that in this tab as well.

Writing Samples: Upload samples of your work directly to your profile in this tab. Customers will review these samples before sending you messages or call requests, so be sure to choose carefully when uploading samples.

Set Your Rate: You can set your rates for standard formats in this section. These rates will apply when a customer directly requests that you complete a job. Any format you do not edit will be set to a suggested default.

Personal Info (Private): Your personal information is important to ensure your payment account is set up properly. Your personal information will never be shared with a customer.

Billing Info (Private): Payment information should be entered in this section of your profile. Make sure your payment information matches the address in your personal info so we can deliver payments on completed jobs to your account.

To edit information in any of these tabs, simply click on the tab and edit the text boxes within it. When appropriate, click Save after editing the tab and your profile will be updated.


What are Customer Reviews?

When a customer accepts a job they have the option to leave a public review. These reviews will be visible on your profile under the Customer Reviews tab. If you ever have questions about a specific review, please reach out to

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