Why did my content auto-accept?

For every draft (initial and final) you will be given a deadline to review and take action, meaning:

  • You may accept or request revisions on an initial draft.
  • You may accept or reject a final draft.

If no action is taken after that review period, the system will assume the content was a success and auto-accept it on your behalf. You can find more information about the Scripted timeline here

Review periods for our different memberships are as follows:

  • Dickinson: 3-business day review period
  • Hemingway: 5-business day review period
  • Austen: 7-business day review period

Learn more about the differences between our membership tiers here.

My piece auto-accepted! Can I still request revisions or reject it?

Auto-acceptance cannot be reversed. Once a piece is auto-accepted, you will no longer have the ability to request revisions on or reject a piece. The reason for this is to ensure that writers and editors are paid for their work in a timely manner.

We recommend remaining subscribed to Scripted’s automated emails to stay on top of alerts that you need to review your content.

When does my review window begin?

Scripted review timelines are based on business days, which we mark as 9am - 5:30pm PST. Job timelines will begin the first business day after each job is posted.

Example for a Dickinson member: If your job is ready for review at 4:30pm PT on Monday January 1st, your timeline will begin on Tuesday January 2nd and end on Friday January 3rd.

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