About Scripted editors

Our editors work directly with writers to clean copy, check guidelines, and ensure that all content is error-free and ready to go. Our editors also help us evaluate new writer applications and provide ongoing feedback on writer quality.

Does my content have to go through an editing layer?

Yes, all content must go through an editing layer. We find that a good editing process can be just as influential as quality composition, which is why we require that every piece of Scripted content goes through an editing layer before it is delivered to you.

Can I contact an editor directly?

While it isn’t possible to directly communicate with our editors, they do have the ability to ask your writer questions and request revisions during the editing process. Editors also have access to messages sent via Scripted Messaging so they can reference any information you and your writer share during the writing process.

Can I work with a specific editor?

It is not possible to request specific editors in the Scripted platform. Once a writer finishes their first draft, a Scripted editor will evaluate it and request any revisions before delivering the draft to you.


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