What is Scripted's multi-project dashboard?

What is Scripted's multi-project dashboard?

Scripted’s multi-project dashboard optimizes your account to manage multiple projects and/or clients, and add multiple logins for your team.

This dashboard will also allow you to assign user preferences so that select teammates or clients can only access the work relevant to their account. Additionally, it enables you to review your current favorite and blocked writers, adjust their settings at any time, manage separate publishing integrations (WordPress and HubSpot) and track all invoices for each project.

How can I get the multi-project dashboard?

This dashboard is available only with the Austen or Steinbeck memberships. Head to your “My Membership” tab in your Scripted account to sign up for this plan or contact support if you have additional questions.

Setting up your multi-project dashboard

Once your Austen or Steinbeck account has been activated, you can add team members, projects/clients, and payment information. All content ordered under your account will be charged via the payment method entered here.

After you setting up your account, you will be able to update and maintain your projects, team members, and writers by toggling between the relevant tabs. Please note that only the account Admins can do this globally on your Scripted account.

Team members and setting access preferences

A team member can easily be added to your account by toggling to the Team tab and hitting Add Team Member.

You will then be directed to a window where you can enter the team member’s name and email address, and set their access preferences. Once added, team members will receive an email with steps on how to setup their account.


Note that Admins have access to the entire account, while Content Managers can only act on content for the clients to which they are assigned. Once a team member is added you can adjust their settings, or remove them, by toggling to the Team tab.

Managing multiple projects

Projects/clients can be added from the Projects tab by clicking Add Project. From here, you will be directed to a window where the client’s name or project name can be entered and the team members you would like to access that account can be added.

As an Admin, you will be able to view all projects from the Projects tab and order content for each account directly from this tab without going to their specific dashboard. You can also go directly to the project’s dashboard by clicking the project’s name. When you are in a project’s account, their name will be listed at the top of the page.

Curating and managing writer pools

From the Manage Writers tab, you can view all writers who have completed work for your various projects. As writers complete work on your account and you review them they will be divided into three sections: Favorited, Not Favorited, and Blocked. From this tab, you can then review your writers and update their status from the Favorite Settings in the drop-down menu by their photo. This is a great way to make sure your writer pools are curated to meet your different project and/or client needs.




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