How do I connect my WordPress account?

In addition to our standard export options, Scripted gives you the option to export finished work directly to your WordPress account.

Before you can export content to WordPress, you’ll need to link your account in your Publishing menu.

Connect your WordPress account

1. Enter your WordPress URL

In the WordPress section, enter your WordPress URL and select connect to WordPress.


2. Log into WordPress

A menu will pop out prompting you to input some of your WordPress account information and click Connect to WordPress to officially sync your account. WordPress will now be an export option from your finished orders menu.

Note: The following is required to connect your WordPress account.


Because WordPress doesn't have much in terms of security protocols, it requires passing a Username and Password in plain text on every request. As a result, we require that your blog be served over SSL so that we can send your credentials in encrypted form. 

To find out if your blog is served over SSL, try going to your blog in a browser with "https://" in front of the URL (e.g., If you have SSL, you should see a green padlock next to the URL. If you don't, your browser might alert you that the connection is not secure. 


XML-RPC is a web protocol that allows services to talk to each other (in this case, Scripted and your WordPress site). XML-RPC is included with WordPress, and is turned on by default since WordPress 3.5. If your WordPress installation is up to date, you probably won't have any problems with this.

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