Types of Work

What kind of work is available on Scripted?

There are a variety of ways to find and complete work on Scripted:

  • Jobs: By reviewing your Available Work tab, you’ll be able to claim jobs uploaded by customers.
  • Blog Ideas: Submit Blog Ideas directly to customers. Once a topic is approved, it will turn into a job and automatically be assigned to your account.
  • Job Requests: In some instances, customers may submit a job request asking that you complete a specific topic. To get their attention, make sure you’ve spent some time completing your profile!

What are the standard job formats?

Jobs on Scripted are available in a variety of lengths, but these formats are the most common:

  • Short Blog Posts (350-450 words): Short and straight to the point, short blog posts are great for engaging readers.
  • Standard Blog Posts (550-650 words): Standard posts are meant to inspire thoughtful debate and examine a topic in more detail.
  • Long Blog Posts (850-950 words): Long blog posts involve thorough research and engaging content written in a longer format.
  • Tweets: Available in batches of 25, tweets engage a client’s social media followers with #hashtags, @mentions, links and images.
  • Facebook Posts: Available in batches of 25, these brief and engaging posts encourage shares or include calls-to-action through links and images.
  • Website Pages (350-450 words): Fresh web copy that conveys the client’s brand in an effective, engaging manner.
  • Press Releases (350-450 words): Succinct messages that help a client announce new products and events or disseminate information about its company.
  • Video Scripts (450-550 words): Create short scripts (1 to 2 minutes long) to accompany clients’ video projects.

What are Custom Projects?

In some instances, a customer may request your rate for a Custom Project. Learn more about Custom Projects here.

What are Content Tune-Ups?

A content tune-up is a rewrite, update, or copy edit to an existing piece of content. Learn more about Content Tune-Ups here.

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