Timed Writing Prompts

What is included in the application’s writing prompts?

For the timed writing prompts, you’ll need to create a short blog post and a clothing description.

The short blog post will need to be 200-300 words long. You’ll be presented with three randomly generated topics, and you’ll be allowed to select one to focus on in your application. When you’ve selected a topic, you will be taken to the document editor and be given 40 minutes to write and submit the short blog post.

The clothing description will need to be a 100-200 word description of an article of clothing. The image you focus on will be randomly generated. When you click Start and enter the Scripted document editor, you’ll be given 40 minutes to write and submit the clothing description.

For both the short blog post and the clothing description, a timer will appear as soon as you enter the Scripted document editor. You will not be able to pause the timer after you have entered the document editor.

Can I pause my application after I’ve started?

It’s possible to take a break at two points during your application:

  • After you’ve completed the English proficiency test but before you’ve selected a topic for the short blog post
  • After you have submitted the short blog post but before you have reviewed the guidelines for the clothing description

If you close the application window at either of these points, you’ll be able to continue at a later date. All of your previously completed work will be saved.

Keep in mind, if you have already opened the document editor for either the short blog post or the clothing description, the timer will continue even if you close your window.

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    Lynda Hudson Ricketts

    How and when do you find out whether, or not, you've passed the proficiency test?

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    Do existing Scripted writers have to complete the tests for new writers?

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