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Coming up with topic ideas is tough, which is why our writers can pitch you blog ideas for free! By outlining your project and defining guidelines, writers are able to pitch blog ideas that you can accept and turn into standard orders.

How do I submit a request for blog ideas?

To submit a new request, click the BLOG IDEAS button in the top of your dashboard and select REQUEST YOUR OWN


Blog ideas are available for all blog post formats: short, standard, and long. 

Select your blog post length and how many ideas you're looking for. You will then be prompted to outline your request.

How should I fill out these fields?

The information that you provide here will be displayed for writers to prompt them for ideas so the more detail you're able to include, the better! Be sure to let your writer know your overall goal, the types of topics you’re looking for, and samples of the style/tone you’d like to create.

You'll also be asked how you would like to find your writer. You can rely on our SmartMatch system to choose a writer for you or if you have a writer in mind, select them under "Request A Specific Writer".

Review your order and click REQUEST IDEAS to submit your request. You'll be able to see the "starting rate" for ideas, however, writers will be able to set their own rates. 


Once you submit your request, writers from your selected industry will begin to pitch you topics and you’ll be notified via email when the pitches start rolling in. You'll need to log into your account to Start or Decline blog idea pitches.

How long does it take to receive blog ideas?

Once your request has been placed, blog ideas should start rolling in within 24-72 hours. Our writer pools come in all different shapes and sizes, so it can sometimes take longer for ideas to come through depending on the selected Industry or Specialty.

You can open as many requests for blog ideas as you'd like so if you're having trouble, try ordering from a few different pools!


You’ll be notified via email once topics are ready for your review and you can log into your Scripted account, head to your dashboard and select PROPOSALS to browse your new pitches.

How much do blog ideas cost? 

It's free to request blog ideas and you won't pay for setting up a request or for receiving ideas. You'll only ever pay for work that has been completed and accepted.

The price varies for each pitch. When writers pitch ideas, they’ll set their own rates to complete work. You’ll see the pitch’s rate as you browse available topics.



How can I accept a blog idea?

Did you find a pitch you’d like to use? Great! Simply click the green “Start” button to start a pitch.


Before your writer gets started, you’ll also be asked to provide feedback and direction to your writer. You may want to use this space to clarify how your writer could tie this idea back to your brand or add any additional key points or guidelines you have in mind.


How can I decline a blog idea? 

If a pitch misses the mark, you can simply reject the pitch by clicking the red “Decline” button to remove it from your queue and open up space for new pitches.

You’ll have the option to provide feedback to the writer about what went wrong with their pitch, so they can submit some better ideas in the future!


When will my order be delivered?

Once you start a proposal, you can expect your first draft within 5 business days. Your order will follow our standard timeline.

Still have questions?

If you're having trouble receiving topics or if you have any additional questions, please contact us at - we're happy to help!

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