Where can I find feedback on my work?

Once you have completed over 5 jobs, it’s possible to view feedback on your recently completed assignments. Feedback will be visible at the top of your dashboard, and is focused on four key areas:

  • Guidelines: How accurately you adhere to project guidelines.
  • Originality: Your ability to submit writing that is free of repetitive concepts and phrases.
  • Quality: Whether your work includes sentences that are well-written and free of errors.
  • Research: Whether your research demonstrates a strong understanding of the topics you’ve written on.

Above each category there will be an icon summarizing how you’re performing in each of these areas:

  •  Good: If a green light displays, a majority of your reviews in this category have been positive. Great work!
  •  Okay: If a yellow light displays, you’ve likely received a mix of positive and negative reviews in this category. Make sure to focus on it in your upcoming assignments.
  •  Needs Work: If a red light displays, your recent work has received a few more negative reviews than positive in this category. To improve your score, you’ll need to focus on this area more significantly in upcoming assignments.

If you hover over a category, you should also see an explanation of what success is in that area.

Note: Feedback on your recent work will only be represented by the lighted icon above each category. The explanation below will only explain what you must accomplish to achieve a "Good" score in that category.

How do I improve my feedback scores?

To improve your feedback scores, it’s important to pay close attention to which aspects of your reviews need the most improvement.

For example, if you've received "Needs Work" in the Quality category, it's likely that one or two of your recent assignments may have included typos or grammatical errors. Try reading over your assignment an additional time before you submit it and scanning for any errors that may have been included in recent work.

Does my feedback effect currently available work?

If there aren’t any jobs available, it’s likely that other writers may have already claimed the most recent orders.

To find more work, try submitting a few pitches directly to businesses or to the Topic Marketplace. Additionally, you can upload samples of your work directly to your profile to encourage businesses to request jobs directly from your account.

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