How do I request revisions?

Every order comes with two round of revisions. Even if you've exchanged messages or had a phone call with a writer, this process allows you to provide specific comments on a writer's work within the Scripted platform.

When should I request revisions?

You'll be emailed when your first draft is ready for review, and you'll see it in your dashboard.

Remember to keep an eye on your Deadline to Request Revisions. If this deadline passes, your piece will auto-accept and you will be charged for this content.

How do I review content?

To review your draft, click the REVIEW CONTENT button. This will open your draft in a new tab. 

When you review your draft, you'll have two options: 

If you’re overall very satisfied with the content and you just plan to make a few tweaks to it, you can accept it right away.

Accepting the first draft will still allow you to provide feedback, but in general marks the end of the process.

Once content is accepted, you own 100% of the rights and can export it and edit it as you see fit.

If you think the piece would benefit from being sent back to the writer for changes, you can request revisions.

The revisions process is quite easy, but a little extra work here goes a long way. First, you’ll need to leave some detailed comments for your writer.

How do I leave comments for my writer?

To the right of the text, you’ll see a dialogue box. You can leave a general comment here. This is a great place to leave general feedback.

If you're looking to make more specific comments, simply highlight a sentence or section, click the comment icon and leave your note. When a writer clicks on this comment to address it, the relevant section will be highlighted. 

When all of your comments have been added, click the REQUEST REVISIONS button to send the piece back to your writer. 

Below this button, you’ll see the date and time of your deadline to request revisions. If you do not request revisions by this time, your order will auto-accept and you will not be able to ask the writer to make any changes.

From the time you request revisions, your writer will have three business days to complete the edits.

What happens when I receive my final draft?

Upon receiving your final draft, you will have a five or seven business day review window to accept or reject your content, depending on your membership.

If you do not take any action by the end of that time frame, your order will auto-accept and you won’t be able to reject the content later.

To learn more about rejecting content and Scripted's quality guarantee, click here

What are some best practices for requesting revisions?

Here are some examples of helpful revision requests:

  • Hey there! This is great. Would you mind just adding a couple more sources of related news stories as hyperlinks?
  • Thanks for this draft. Can we include a call to action in the last paragraph? It should be something along the lines of how our product can help with the situations outlined in the rest of the post.
  • The tone in this sentence feels much too formal compared to the rest. Can we make it a bit lighter and less serious to be consistent?

Here are a few examples of not-so-helpful revision requests:

  • Make this better.
  • Can you add five more things to the list so the post is double the length?
  • We actually changed our minds and would like you to write on an entirely different topic.

Being direct (and polite!) with your feedback will ensure the writer knows exactly what to do and result in you receiving a final draft addressing all your needs.

Still have questions? Contact us directly here. We're happy to help! 


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