How does content pricing work on Scripted?

How does pricing work on Scripted?

Scripted sets a base rate for every content format. This is the price you will see when selecting a format for your order if you are not requesting a specific writer.


What else can affect the price of an order?

Once you select a format, you will see the price listed in the order box on the righthand side of the screen. This display will include the amount you pay for both the writer and editor, and the total.

Rush delivery

If you select the “Rush delivery” option to receive your content in three or four business days, the total price will increase by 20%. For example, an order that is $57.24 on a standard delivery timeline would cost $68.69 on the rush timeline.

Choosing your writer


If you are using SmartMatch rather than requesting a specific writer, you will have the option to select from four different writer pools:

All Writers: This option means your order does not require a Top Writer or a Specialist. This is a great choice if you don't need anything too technical or complex. Your order will be available to a wide range of writers, and will get picked up based on the pay rate and interest in the subject matter.

Top Writers: This option means your order will only be visible to our top tier writers as determined by our scoring algorithm. The writer cost will increase by 20% when you select Top Writers.

Specialist Writers: This options means your order will only be available to writers in the specialty you select. Specialists are experienced writers who are prepared to do more in-depth research. The writer cost will increase by an additional 20% when you select Specialist Writers. More info on specialties can be found here.

My Favorites: This options means your order will only be available to writers that you’ve favorited, unless none of those writers are available. You must have at least favorites on your list to use this option. Learn more about favoriting and managing writers here.

Regardless of which writer pool you select, SmartMatch will always send your project to your favorite writers first. 

Request a specific writer:

When you request a specific writer, you will be paying the rate that they have set for a given format.

In some cases, this may be the base rate provided by Scripted. In other cases, it may be higher.

You will be able to see this rate on your order form and determine for yourself if it seems like a fair price based on your evaluation of the writer’s profile, which includes samples and bio information.

Writers will consider a number of factors when setting their rates, including their experience writing in the given format. For example, those with more social media experience might charge a higher rate for tweets.

If you have questions about a writer’s rates, you can always send them a message or schedule a call

Finally, remember that to order content you will need a Scripted membership. Learn more about Scripted memberships here. 

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