What is writer favoriting?

What does it mean to favorite a writer?

Favoriting is a great way to manage your team of Scripted writers

Once you favorite a writer, you can easily find them within your "My Writers" tab.

When you're placing an order, you will have the option to send your order exclusively to your favorites. Simply select the Favorites option from the SmartMatch tool and your favorites will be notified right away. Remember that you need at least 3 favorites to use this tool. You can learn more about adding favorites to your team below. 



How do I favorite a writer?

There are two ways to favorite a writer.

The first is on their Writer Profile. Just click the star icon next to their name to add them to your list of favorites.



The second way to favorite a writer is directly from a piece of content. Click the favorite icon when reviewing a writer’s work, and they will be added to your list of favorites.



Where can I see and manage my team of favorites?

You can easily view and manage your list of favorite writers by navigating to your Manage Writers tab from your WRITERS menu in the top of your dashboard. 



Here you can view all your favorite writers in one place. You can also remove writers from your list of favorites, or block them from your account entirely by adjusting writers' "Favorite Settings"



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