How do I manage my writers?

Where do I manage writers in the Scripted platform?

At the top of your Scripted dashboard, click on the tab called Manage Writers

In the section that appears, you’ll see the following:



Recommended writers: Here you will see a few writers that we think could be a good fit for your needs. You may receive messages from these writers, especially when you're first getting started. We strongly encourage talking with them and testing them out by placing a direct order request.

If you like working with any of these writers, you can add them to your favorites list. If not, no worries! You can always find different writers via SmartMatch or search.

Favorited writers: Here you will see the all the writers currently listed as your favorites.

You can click on the “Favorite Settings” drop-down menu to remove a favorite, add as a favorite for other clients/projects (Austen members only), or block a favorite from your account.

Not favorited: Here you will see all the writers that have completed work on your account but are not listed as favorited or blocked. These writers still can still work on your projects, but they won't have priority access. 

Blocked: Here you will see all the writers that are listed as blocked from having access to any work that you order on Scripted.

What does it mean when a writer has “Specialist” listed?

Writers that have been approved as Specialists have an additional level of knowledge in your specified industry. You can learn more about Specialists and writer badges (another distinguishing factor among writers) here.

What do the numbers next to each writer mean?

Performance for: This is the writer’s performance for your account.

The number next to the green checkmark represents the total number of pieces you have accepted from this writer.

The number next to the red “X” represents the total number of pieces you have rejected from this writer.

Approval Rating: This number represents the percentage of orders this writer has had accepted out of the total number of orders this writer has completed. In other words, if a writer has a 90% approval rating and has completed 100 orders total, they have had 90 pieces accepted and 10 pieces rejected.

Orders Completed: This is the lifetime total number of orders a writer has completed on Scripted.

What else can I do on the Manage Writers page?

If you click on any writer name listed here, you will be taken directly to that writer’s profile. From there you can interact with that writer directly by requesting an order, sending a message, or scheduling a call.

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