Job Requests

What is a job request?

After a customer reviews your profile and writing samples, they may request that you complete a job they've recently ordered.

If this occurs, you'll see an assignment appear in the Job Requests section of your writing dashboard.

With each request you'll be able to see some of the guidelines for the assignment, as well as the deadline for the first draft.

To accept a job request, confirm that you are available by clicking Accept Job on the details page for that assignment. If you are not interested, click Release Job and it will be removed from your queue.

You'll need to confirm your interest within 1 business day any time you receive a job request. If you have not confirmed your availability within that time, the request will automatically be removed from your account.

Job requests will pay at the standard rate for each format. If you'd like to change this, you can set a custom price for a job request in your profile.

How do I set custom rates for my job requests?

If a customer sends you a job request, the price of this assignment will be dictated by the rate you set within your writer profile.

To adjust your prices for requests sent directly to your account, click the Rates tab in your profile. From there, a page will appear listing all of the standard formats on Scripted.

Each format will have a minimum price listed directly above the format name. It is not possible to lower your custom rate below this price.

When you've adjusted your rate for each format, click the Save button at the bottom of the screen to confirm your changes. To ensure these prices updated properly, try refreshing your browser once before leaving the page.

Once updated, these prices will be visible to all customers that view your profile.

If you do not want a customer to be able to send you a request, you can remove this option from the Public Info tab in your profile.

Note: These rates will not affect the price of jobs in the Available Work section of your account. This will only affect assignments a customer requests you complete directly.

What if I don’t set my own rates?

If you do not set a custom rate for each type of job request, we'll automatically suggest prices for you. These rates will be determined by work you've previously completed on Scripted and will be visible in the Rates section of your profile.

For example, if you've continually received positive reviews, we may suggest a slightly higher price for each standard format in your account.

Why did I receive a job request below my custom rate?

We're aware of an issue in which a topic is occasionally assigned at a lower rate than the writer's saved custom rate.

If you've received a job request with a price point that is below a rate you're comfortable with, please click the Release Job button and it will be removed from your account. Your account will not be penalized for removing these types of requests.

In addition, please double-check that your preferred rates are saving properly in your account. If this continues to be an issue, please reach out to our Support team and let us know.

How do I stop receiving job requests?

If you would prefer not to allow customers to send you job requests, you can remove this option in your account.

First, go to the Profile page and click on the Public Info tab. From there, uncheck the box titled "Allow customers to find me in the marketplace."

Then, click Save at the bottom of the page to confirm. Customers will no longer be able to send job requests to your account.

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