Submitting Blog Ideas (Pitches)

How do I submit a blog idea (pitch)?

To submit a blog idea (formerly known as a pitch) directly to a customer, click Available Work within the Writing section of your account and select the General Blog Ideas tab.

In the page that appears, you’ll see a list of all projects currently in need of ideas. Click on a project to see more details about the requested piece, including job format, guidelines, and starting pay rate.

From here, submit information on the following directly to the customer:

  • Your Blog Post Title: A concise tagline indicating the topic of your pitch
  • Outline Your Idea: 2 or 3 sentences explaining what your blog would cover

Can I set a custom price for an idea?

When pitching a topic idea to a customer or the general ideas board, it's possible to set a unique price for your idea.

To change the price of an idea, first access the pitch request to which you are submitting a topic. After entering your suggested topic and a few details about your idea, a section will appear allowing you to set a price for your idea:


After setting a price, choosing the industry that best fits the idea and submitting, your blog idea will be available to the customer with the updated rate.

It is not possible to set your blog idea price below our standard rates. If you try to do so, you'll receive an error message in red below the price text box similar to this:

How do I keep track of blog ideas I’ve already submitted?

After you've submitted a blog idea, you can track its status in the Proposals tab within the Writing section of your account. The Proposals tab will have four sections: Pending, Accepted, Rejected, Inactive.

  • Pending: View a list of your blog idea submissions that are currently pending. Clients typically review pitches within 1 or 2 weeks, and many are reviewed in fewer than 4 or 5 days.
  • Accepted: This page will include a list of your blog idea submissions that have been accepted by clients.
  • Rejected: On this page you can view a list of your blog idea submissions that have been rejected by clients.
  • Inactive: This page will include a list of all blog idea submissions that have not been accepted or reject after an extended period of time.

How do I cancel a blog idea?

If you’re no longer interested in completing an idea you can cancel it at any time.

To do this, find your previously submitted topic in the Proposals tab of your account. Then, click the Remove button to the right of the topic.

After clicking this button, a popup will appear asking you to confirm that you’d like to remove the pitch:

Click Yes and your pitch will be cancelled.

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