Scripted memberships

What are Scripted memberships?

A Scripted membership grants you access to our marketplace, where you can order content, work with writers, browse topics, and more. Each membership has a monthly subscription cost that includes different features. In addition, each piece of content is priced separately depending on your writer and format selection.

Where can I purchase or view my membership?

To manage your membership, head to the My Membership tab from the drop-down menu in the top right corner of your screen. From this menu, you can subscribe to a new membership, view and edit an existing membership, and keep track of renewal dates.

How does membership billing work?

After your 30-day free trial, you will be charged each month based on the plan you selected (or each year if you chose an annual plan).

Again, you can always see your membership fee and the date it will be charged listed on the My Membership tab.

Note: Upon adding or updating your payment method for a membership, you may see a one-time authorization hold of $25 on your credit card or bank statement. This is not an actual charge. The timing for the release of the authorization hold can vary, depending on your specific bank or credit card. Please contact them directly if you have questions on how long it will take to be removed from your statement.

How can I cancel my membership?

If you choose to cancel your subscription, be sure to do so before the next renewal date, as renewals are processed automatically. You can cancel your membership at any time on the My Membership page by clicking the "Cancel" button.

Are there different subscription levels?

Scripted offers three membership levels, which we’ve outlined below:



The Hemingway starts at $149 per month (or $1,488 annual prepay), where you’ll gain full access to the Scripted marketplace and have the ability to order up to 10,000 words worth of content each month.

Have a few people who need to review content? You can add up to three user logins with your Hemingway membership. You will also have 5-business days to review all drafts.


At $299 per month (or $2,988 annual prepay), the Austen allows you to order up to 20,000 words per month. In addition to a 7-business day review period, two rounds of revisions and custom projects, you’ll also gain access to our multi-project dashboard.

Designed for agencies with multiple clients or one organization managing multiple projects, you’ll be able to maintain up to 10 users and accounts under one umbrella. For more information about the multi-project dashboard, click here.

Cruise Control:

Content marketing is a lot of work, even with a platform like Scripted. 

We know there aren't always enough hours in the day, so we've created an offering specifically designed to take the weight off your shoulders entirely!

Learn more about Cruise Control here.

Scripted's Membership Terms

  • The first month of Membership is FREE for first-time Members.
  • Membership renews automatically and you will be charged the applicable Membership fee for the Membership level selected at the start of each Membership period (Month-to-month Memberships: At the start of each monthly period, commencing one month from date of initial sign-up; Annual Memberships: At the start of each annual period, commencing 13 months from the date of initial sign-up).
  • Membership changes (upgrades or downgrades) can be requested at any time and the change will become effective immediately. Upgrades will result in a pro-rated charge for the higher-priced Membership at the time of upgrade. Downgrades will result in a pro-rated credit that will be applied at the start of the next Membership period (Month-to-month Memberships: At the start of the next monthly Membership period; Annual Memberships: At the start of the next annual Membership period).
  • Membership can be cancelled at any time.
  • In the event of cancellation, full Scripted platform access and Membership benefits will continue until the end of the current pre-paid period. After cancellation, you will not incur any additional Membership fees (note that you will continue to be charged for any additional content ordered and the associated Transaction Fee, if applicable, until Membership termination).
  • Scripted reserves the right to change Membership fees at any time, but will notify you of any changes and provide you with the opportunity to cancel prior to the start of the next Membership period.
  • There is no minimum purchase obligation beyond the applicable Membership fee.


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