About Scripted writers

How do we vet our writers?

All Scripted Writers go through a rigorous vetting process. All prospective writers must pass an English proficiency exam, submit writing samples, and respond to writing prompts. Our team reviews each application and only 5% of writers get in, leaving us with the best writers on the web. Once someone becomes a Scripted Writer, we keep a close eye on quality to ensure only the highest quality writers have access to the work in our marketplace.

Can I communicate directly with my writer?

There are a few different ways to communicate with your writer right from the Scripted platform.

Writer Messaging allows you to message directly with writers - this is a great tool if you want to see additional writing samples for a writer, or want to quickly answer any questions that pop up as a writer begins working on your project.

You can also Schedule a Call with a writer. This is a great option if you’d like to talk through a project with a writer and allows that writer to ask specific questions, takes notes, and provide their own insight prior to starting a project.

You are also able to provide as much feedback as you’d like to your writer when you create your guidelines, and during the revisions process.

Can I pick my writer or hire a team of writers?

With our Choose Your Writer feature, you can easily browse writer profiles to find a great writer for your project. Once you find a writer, you can message or schedule a call with them to find more information or, if you’re ready to order, you can specifically request them for your project.

What’s the difference between a Standard Writer and a Specialist Writer?

After a writer has been working with Scripted for a while, he or she can apply to become a Specialist. There is an additional vetting round required for all Specialist writers. The Scripted team reviews all applications and only accepts Specialists who have demonstrated their ability to excel in these niche categories.

Can I see samples from Scripted Writers?

Yes! To see samples from a writer, you just need to navigate to their writer profile. If a writer hasn’t included any samples in their profile, feel free to message them to ask that they can provide some.

My writer was amazing, can I work with them again?

Absolutely! All Scripted writers are freelancers, so we can’t guarantee availability, but there are a couple ways to continue working with a specific writer. When you favorite a writer, that person is given priority access to your requests. Your favorite writers will be notified every time you post a job, and they will be given priority access to claim your work. You can also request that a specific writer claims your work - learn how to do that here.

Can I request a Byline?

As all Scripted writers are freelancers, and many prefer to remain anonymous, we cannot guarantee or require that a writer provide a byline. When creating the guidelines for your project, however, you can ask a writer if they are willing to provide a byline - just be sure to specify what kind of information you will need from them.

Who owns the work created by Scripted writers?

Once you’ve accepted a piece on Scripted, you own it 100% outright. This means that you’ll be able to edit the content as you see fit, attribute it to anyone, and distribute it however you'd like.

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