English Proficiency Test




  • Lynda Hudson Ricketts

    I completed the test, but nothing happened at the end. There was no submit button, or any other link that I saw. I played around, trying to figure it out, and ended up back at the beginning of the test page. What went wrong? I don't want to waste my second attempt...especially since I believe I answered all questions correctly.

  • Zara

    Hi there! I have an issue.

    My ticketed request is related to this help posted article. I submitted a ticketed request to have the test looked at, as I suspected that something was wrong with whatever script was being used for it to run.

    It's been over 7 days, since that submitted ticket. So when I had gone to look at it, to see if it was still in the queue, I got an error page and my browser decides to freak out. Literally refreshing the page several times over until I closed it. It pretty much sent me to a 404 page.

    I haven't been flagged by any of my antivirus software, so maybe it's a weird bug on the website or some other unknown anomaly. It'd be appreciated if I got an answer. I'll be sending off another ticketed request for my issue in the mean time. Hopefully it gets sorted.

  • Helen Garvey

    I am so very sure that I answered all questions correctly in the English Proficiency Test, but I failed twice. Could you tell me exactly what I failed on, as it couldn't be for the grammar and same word different spelling tests? Could there be a bug in the system? 

  • Leah Hammond Dallaire

    Once I get to the second section of the English proficiency test, it boots me immediately back to the main screen with a warning that I cannot stop the test once it’s started. It has to be a glitch.

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