English Proficiency Test

What types of questions are in the English proficiency test?

The English proficiency focuses on five types of problems:

  • Word Scrambles
  • Idioms and Collocations
  • Articles and Determiners
  • Homonyms
  • Reading Comprehension

For each section, you’ll need to do the following:

Word Scrambles: Unscramble the words in each sentence and recreate the original message. In each word scramble, the first and last letter of every word will remain the same.

Idioms and Collocations: Identify common idioms in the English language by determining which pairs of words fit best together. For instance, if you’re asked to match the words “catch” and “take” to a list of phrases, it would be appropriate to suggest “catch a cold” but not “take a cold.”

Articles and Determiners: Read the sentences provided and figure out which determiner fits best. For example, identifying whether a phrase should be written as “I have [a] cat” or “I have [an] cat.”

Homonyms: Review a list of similar sounding words and identify which are best fit to the sentences provided.

Reading Comprehension: Read over a passage that has had a few words removed and determine what word best belongs in each blank space. You’ll be provided with a list of words to work from.

You’ll be given 30 minutes to complete the English proficiency test after opening the document. Your test will be marked as invalid if you leave the window when completing the test, so make sure to set aside plenty of time before beginning.

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    Lynda Hudson Ricketts

    I completed the test, but nothing happened at the end. There was no submit button, or any other link that I saw. I played around, trying to figure it out, and ended up back at the beginning of the test page. What went wrong? I don't want to waste my second attempt...especially since I believe I answered all questions correctly.

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    Hi there! I have an issue.

    My ticketed request is related to this help posted article. I submitted a ticketed request to have the test looked at, as I suspected that something was wrong with whatever script was being used for it to run.

    It's been over 7 days, since that submitted ticket. So when I had gone to look at it, to see if it was still in the queue, I got an error page and my browser decides to freak out. Literally refreshing the page several times over until I closed it. It pretty much sent me to a 404 page.

    I haven't been flagged by any of my antivirus software, so maybe it's a weird bug on the website or some other unknown anomaly. It'd be appreciated if I got an answer. I'll be sending off another ticketed request for my issue in the mean time. Hopefully it gets sorted.

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