What is messaging?

Messaging allows you to communicate directly with a customer to ask them questions about specific jobs and pitch requests.

How do I message a customer?

First, click the Details button on the job you need assistance with.

Once on the job details page, you’ll see a chat box on the left side of your screen with a few instructions:

From there, simply enter the text of your question and click Send.

When should I message a customer?

If you aren’t sure about how to proceed with an assignment, it’s always a good idea to message the customer for more information.

In some instances, a job may also require a conversation to occur before you can begin writing.

What kind of questions should I ask?

If the guidelines for a topic are not enough to complete the job, try asking questions that focus on some of the following subjects (if they are not already clear in the guidelines):

  • The topic and key objective of the post
    • Example:
      • In addition to the overall topic, are there any key points that must be discussed in this assignment?
  • The ideal tone and voice of the piece
    • Examples:
      • Should this piece be written in first, second, or third person?
      • Does this piece need to be written with a more formal tone, or is it alright for it to sound a bit more casual?
    • Always feel free to ask if the customer has any samples that they can provide.
  • Potential topics that should be avoided
    • Examples:
      • Is there any subject that I should avoid?
      • Do you have any competitors I should avoid mentioning when writing this article?

Why would a job require a conversation?

In some instances, a customer may prefer to chat about a job before continuing with it. When an assignment requires this, a message icon will be displayed on the job details page.

Before you can begin writing an assignment that requires a conversation, you must message the customer to quickly discuss the job's guidelines.

Why is messaging unavailable?

Messaging will be unavailable if a customer requests that messaging be turned off, a superhero job or during the customer's final review.

If you are having trouble contacting the customer, please reach out to our Support team
 and let us know.

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