How to place an order

How to place an order

To order a piece of content, click the ORDER CONTENT button in the top left corner of your Scripted dashboard.


You will be taken to your formats menu where you will be able to see the length and starting price for each format. Hover over the content format you’d like to order, and select START.


Don't see what you're looking for? Create a custom format! To learn more about creating your own custom format template, click here.

Order details

If it's your first time using a format, you'll be taken through a quick quiz to help outline your order details. 

Think of your answers to these questions as a roadmap detailing to your writer what you’d like your order to include.

This order quiz will ask questions about key points, sources, keywords, and more. 

If you've ordered a format before, you won't be taken through the quiz again - instead, you'll see all of the order questions listed on one page.

Choosing your writer

After you enter your order details, the next step is to choose a writer. You can either browse writers yourself and choose one who you think is a great fit, or you can have our system match one for you!

We’ll walk through the differences below:


Request a specific writer

If you decide to Request a specific writer, you will be able to browse available freelancers in our community. Writers set their own rates for each format, so if you select a specific writer, you'll be paying their pre-set rate. 

You can search for a specific writer using the tag system, which allows you to narrow down writers by their industry expertise. Learn more about browsing writer profiles here

Once you’ve found the writer you'd like to work with, click REQUEST WRITER to ask that they work on your order.

When you click "Request Writer" we'll send your request to your writer. If they're available to complete your piece, they'll get started right away! 

If, for any reason, this particular writers is unavailable, you'll be notified immediately so that you can either select a new writer or we can choose one for you using SmartMatch.

To avoid the delay that may occur when a writer is unavailable, it's always a good idea to message your writer before placing your order to see if they can work on your project.  


If you select the SmartMatch feature, you’ll be asked to narrow down your writer requirements so that our system can assign the best fit. Start by selecting your base writer pool.

Each selection narrows the writer pool and in turn increases the writer rates. Track the price of your order in the bar on the bottom of your screen. 

You also have the option to send your order to all of your favorite writers! Learn more about favorites here. 

Choosing a due date

The last step is to pick a specific date to receive the first draft for your order. Pick a date by clicking on our calendar tool. (You can also edit the title of your order on this page - just click the pencil icon next to your existing title).

Our standard delivery timeline is five business days, but you can have your content delivered in three or four business days for a 20% rush fee.

Three business days is our quickest turnaround time - this is to allow time for quality assurance by an editor before the content is delivered.

Note that you may want to avoid having too many drafts delivered on the same day, as you'll then need to review all of them during your review window.

Place order

Once you choose a delivery date, just click PLACE ORDER in the bottom right corner of your screen and your writer will get started right away! If you want to do a double check first, just click REVIEW ORDER link located under the PLACE ORDER button.

You can learn more about order timelines on Scripted here.




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