What is a job?

A job is any assignment that a customer has ordered. Jobs will always include a topic and some basic guidelines on how to complete the post.

As a writer on Scripted, it’s possible to see any currently available job in the Available Work tab of your account.

What type of jobs are there?

Jobs often come in a variety of lengths, but the following are most common:

  • Short Blog Posts: 350-450 words
  • Standard Blog Posts: 550-650 words
  • Long Blog Posts: 850-950 words
  • Tweets: 1-3 sentences each
    • Available in batches of 25+
  • Facebook Posts: 1-3 sentences each
    • Available in batches of 25+
  • Website Copy: 350-450 words
  • Press Releases: 350-450 words
  • Video Scripts: 450-550 words
  • Email Newsletters: 100-200 words
    • Available in batches of 1-4

What happens when I submit a job?

When you submit a job, it must first pass through Scripted’s plagiarism checking software. This will help us ensure that the content you’ve submitted has not been published elsewhere online.

Next, your job will be claimed by an editor on Scripted. Editors review job guidelines and ensure that all content is error-free and ready to go before it reaches the customer.

Once your job is approved by an editor, it will be sent directly to the customer that ordered it. From there, the customer is able to accept the job or request revisions.

If a change is needed during any step of this process (e.g., if the job does not pass the plagiarism check, guidelines were not properly followed, etc.) the job may be sent back to your account for a revision request.

How do I track submitted jobs?

When you submit a job, you can track its status in the Submitted Jobs tab of your account.

As a job moves through editorial and customer review, the description below the job title will change.

For example, if the job is currently being reviewed by the customer, it will say “In Review” below the topic.

How do I complete a revision request?

If changes are needed at any point after a job is submitted, the job may be sent back to your account as a revision request.

A revision request can occur for a variety of reasons, including but not limited to:

  • If the job does not pass the plagiarism check
  • An excessive number of grammatical errors occur throughout the job
  • Guidelines were not properly followed

When a revision is requested, it will appear on the Home page of your account in the section titled “Revision Requests.”

Note that some customers may have more than one round of revisions available, dependent on their membership level. This designation of a job potentially requiring a second round of revisions will always be visible in your dashboard before you take the job.

You will have 2 days to complete all revision requests. If you’re unable to complete a revision in this time, it will automatically be removed from your account.

If you have questions about a revision, be sure to reach out to the editor or customer via the messaging platform for more information.

What happens if a job is rejected?

If a job is rejected, the status of the post will appear as “Rejected” in the Submitted Jobs section of your account.

In addition, you will receive an email confirming that the job was rejected.

When a job is rejected, you will still receive up to 50% of the original payment offered for your work completed. When approved, this payment will automatically appear in your Payments tab.

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