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Navigating your Scripted account

Logging in

Click here to log into your Scripted account and access your Scripted dashboard.

Forgot your password?

To reset your password, you’ll just need to submit the email address associated with your Scripted account here. An email will be delivered to your inbox in a few moments with a link to reset your password.

Account menu

Head to your account menu by clicking the blue arrow in the top right corner of your Scripted dashboard. This is where you’ll find your account settings, membership info, billing history, and publishing. We’ll walk through each of these menu options below.  

Account settings

Your account settings menu is where you can access all of your important account details like contact and company details, payment information, and subscription settings.



Your profile tab will allow you to edit or update your account’s primary contact information. You’ll need to know your account password to make changes to this page.



Head to the company tab to adjust your company name, phone number, and billing emails. All of your Scripted invoices and billing inquiries will be sent to the billing email(s) on file here.



Your payments tab is where you can update your account’s billing information. You can choose to enter a credit card or bank account information to be charged for Scripted content and membership fees.

Email Subscriptions

Update your email preferences here. Subscribing to Topic Marketplace alerts allows you to keep up with new topics coming in for your favorite categories.

Orders and Pitch Requests emails let you know when your orders are ready for review, when they’re set to auto-accept, if any action is required, and more! We recommend staying subscribed to these emails.


My Membership


To manage an existing membership or sign up for a new one, open up your My Memberships menu. From this view, you can compare different membership options and sign up for a new subscription. You can find out more about memberships here.


Billing History


You’ll be able to track all of your Scripted charges from your Billing History tab.


Set up your publishing options from this menu. Does your blog run through WordPress or HubSpot? Enter your HubSpot portal id or WordPress blog URL to export your content directly to these accounts. Check out our FAQs for publishing to WordPress and HubSpot

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