Writer Guidelines

We want a positive experience for both customers and writers! When working on pieces, keep in mind the 5 C's:

Claim only jobs you know you can finish. 
Communicate with the customer.
Conduct yourself in a cordial and respectful manner.
Confirm that your piece fits the guidelines.
Check your piece for grammar, typos, and awkward phrases before submitting.



Claim only jobs you think you can finish. If you know that you won't be able to finish a job, please release it as soon as you can so that another writer can claim it and the customer can get the piece on time. This also helps newer writers who might not have gotten a chance to try to claim the piece when it first came out.


Talk to the customer! When you ask questions and communicate during the writing process, it is more likely that your work will be accepted, you can build a relationship with the customer, and you will continue getting repeat requests. 

Sometimes you may get guidelines where even the customer doesn’t even know what he or she wants. As you’re writing, keep lines of communication open so that the customer can let you know if you are going in the right direction. This will save you time as well.


  • DO’s
  • DON’Ts
    • Be rude to the customer. If you have any questions or issues with the customer’s guidelines or communicating with the customer, please contact support@scripted.com with the name of the customer and piece. A negative interaction towards a customer will potentially result in removal from our platform.
    • Make any implication that you will lose your job if a piece is rejected.


Reread the customer’s guidelines. Did you cover everything that they have requested, especially key points? Are you writing to the intended audience with the proper tone?

If the customer has included an attachment in their guidelines, read through that carefully because those tend to be more detailed, which means that it may be easier to miss things.


Although your piece will be read by an Scriped staff member after you submit it, it never hurts to go over it one more time before sending off. Check for typos, grammatical errors, awkward sentence phrasing, properly working links, and formatting.

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