Writer Availability

Writers now have the option to toggle availability between three tiers:
Fully Available: This is a good choice if you have an open schedule, plan to be active on Scripted, and want to show up in the marketplace to all customers. Bear in mind that if you decline a directly requested job while marked as Fully Available, your Reliability Score will be impacted.
Limited Availability: If you want to show up in the marketplace with an indicator that you may not be 100% available, this choice is for you. Anyone can assign you work, but they will see this indication that you may not be available to accept it.
If you already work with a number of customers on a regular basis and may not be able to accept work from new customers, you may want to choose this option.
Not Available: On vacation or just taking a break? This works if you want to be hidden from the marketplace. Remember though that customers who have favorited you will not be able to assign you work, so you may want to let them know in advance.


How do I change my availability?

Simply click the streetlight icon in the lower left-hand corner and select your availability.

Why can't I select "Fully Available"?
Writers with a reliability score below 90 do not have the option to choose Fully Available. You will have to choose either Limited Availability or Not Available until your score rises to 90 or above.
Writers with a Reliability Score below 80 will not be able to claim jobs. Customers will still be able to assign you jobs and you will still have access to pitching.

For more information about the Reliability Score, click here.
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