Writer Reliability Score

What is the Writer Reliability Score?

The Writer Reliability Score is the percentage of action items in the last 60 days that you’ve completed on time. It is based on two factors: missing deadlines and releasing jobs. The score is used to help determine your ranking in the marketplace.

While your reliability score is currently not visible to customers, it does impact your access to work on Scripted.

Bear in mind that regardless of where you stand in the above ranges, customers that have a link to your profile will still be able to directly request jobs from you, and you’ll still be able to submit pitches.

I don't seem to have a Reliability Score.

You will need to have completed 10 jobs within the last 60 days in order to have a Reliability Score. If you don't have a Reliability Score, however, it's the same thing as having a 100% score.

My score went down, even though I just turned in my work on time!

The writer reliability score is not your all-time score as a writer. Instead, think of it as a rolling snapshot of your past 60 days on the platform.

Because that window is constantly moving forward, you may notice your score decreasing over time if you had any infractions within the past 60 days.

Similarly, you'll notice it increase when those previously missed deadlines happened before the 60 window. 

I still don't understand Reliability Score!

Reliability Score is a rolling 60 day period. Let’s take a look at the example timeline below:


In the above example, we can see the period between January 22 and March 23 is the current 60 day window. Incident B takes place in the current window, and therefore results in a loss of Reliability Score points from the writer’s percentage.

Incident A takes place before the current 60 day window and as such, no longer affects Reliability Score because those points were restored once 60 days have elapsed. When it has been 60 days from February 19th, those points will be restored as well.

If you have no incidents in the current 60 day window, you will have a perfect Reliability Score.

What should I do if I'm not sure why I lost points from my Reliability Score?

Take a look at the flowchart below:


If you have to release a job or miss a deadline for any reason, it may be wise to take note of it somewhere so you'll know when that point will be restored. 

So that’s all there is to it! Still have questions? Contact us.

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