Getting The Most Out Of Scripted Writers

Scripted provides a platform for you to connect with a wide variety of freelance writers and get the content you need. Here are some great tips to help you get the most out of the platform.

Browse Writing Samples

Scripted writers have writing samples available for you to browse on their profile. These samples will give you a much better idea of the style, voice and experience a writer might have. Bear in mind that these samples aren't necessarily the only thing a writer can write about. So if you like their approach to a topic and it appears they have the experience you need. Send them a message!

Curious about where to find writer samples? Click here!

Contact Writers Before You Begin A Job

We find that Customers who reach out to Writers prior to placing their order get the most out of their content. Scheduling a call or Messaging will bring you a better sense of whether the writer will be a great fit for your job. 

Click here to learn more about how to communicate with writers. 

Favorite Writers You Like

Favoriting writers will allow you to quickly assign a new piece to your collection of favorited writers whenever you create a new job. Having a handful of writers you like will increase the chance that they are available for the deadline you have in mind and continue your relationship with a writer who understands your brand!

Click here to learn more about favoriting writers.

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