How do I order a content tune-up?

What is a content tune-up?

A content tune-up is a rewrite, update, or copy edit to an existing piece of content. If you have an outdated piece of content, you can order a tune-up to fix a few of the following issues:

  • Subject matter refresh
  • Keyword density (SEO) 
  • Additional research 
  • Grammar and spelling issues
  • Tone 

How do I order a content tune-up?

Because the requirements for a tune-up can vary drastically from piece to piece, you'll need to have writers propose their rates for each tune-up. 

To begin this process, head to your Order Content tab, scroll down, and select the Start button under Content Tune-Up. 

You'll now be taken through an order form where we'll ask you a series of questions about your tune-up. First, you'll need to paste or upload the piece of content that you'd like to tune up. 

Next, we'll ask you what your desired new word count is. Should your writer elaborate on the existing content to create a longer piece? Should the trim excess content to create something shorter and more concise? Adjust your desired word count as needed. 

We'll also ask you some questions about how you'd like this piece edited. 

What happens after I submit my request?

Once you've completed the order form, we'll send your request to some writers. Writers will be able to review your order and propose their rate for the tune-up. 

You'll be notified via email when you have proposals ready to review and you can review all of your in-progress tune-up requests within the Proposals tab of your Home dashboard. 

See a price that works for you? Click Start and that writer will get started right away. 

Tune-ups follow the same workflow as a regular order. This means that your tune-up will be checked for plagiarism, reviewed by a Scripted editor and can be sent back to your writer for revisions. 


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